Margin trading EA robot for mt4

Use all your mt4 account margin to enter trades and make money. Margin trading level can be changed and automatic trade entries can be done.

*2$ is minimum since we would work for your license generation

Margin trading EA forex mt4 EA for margin based lots forex robot panel

Use margin levels to enter trades and make forex trading money exponentially !

This is Margin maintaining Robot for metatrader 4 (mt4). The functionality of this robot is :
1. It enters new trades once Margin level increases above the threshold.
2. It can add positions automatically (add automatically option).
3. It will show current collective levels on chart where the Stop loss is based on GUI.

The functions of the EAs are :

  • Add manual Buy / Sell positions via chart.
  • Automatically add available lots based on selected margin.
  • Select Margin limit.
  • Show opened trades.
  • Show available lots based on selected margin.
  • Show session P/L.
  • Shows current mt4 Spread and Time.

In the EA inputs you have options to :

Margin trading EA forex mt4 EA for margin based lots

  1. Close all trades on Balance direction change.
  2. Manage Only “Own EA” trades.
  3. Manage all trades (False on Manage only own trades).
  4. Disabling MT4 One click trading panel.
  5. Use On Tick mode (Every tick is used to calculate variables)
  6. Use On Timer Mode (Check variables after specific times)

If you have a strategy that can get 10-20 pips for sure then this EA can turn your account profit upto 100% on a single trade.

Try this on Demo account and see for yourself. It can manage other MT4 robot trades too.

How does it work?

  • If you set margin at 200% then EA will enter trades automatically once margin level is 200% or above so that all of your profits are used up in entering new trades in the same direction that original trade is in .
  • Option to select automatic trade entries or manual.
  • Option to select and change margin levels on mt4.
  • On chart move able Stop loss and Take profit for all opened trades.
  • Can be used with any other EA : here’s how, If you have a Scalping EA that gains 10 pips or more consistently then open a new chart of same symbol and attach margin EA to it giving magic number of main EA as input, Setup the settings you want and let the magic begin !

Disclaimer: This is really risky EA and you should not risk more than you can afford to lose. Best strategy is to divide your capital in 5 parts and use just 1 part of capital in trading account to trade with this EA.


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