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Complete trade manager panel metatrader 4 GUI

Complete trade manager panel metatrader 4 GUI

Metatrader 4 trade manager comes with full features that are required in trade management for forex trading. Mt4 trade manager is customizable.

*2$ is minimum since we would work for your license generation

Metatrader 4 full features Trade manager panel

MT4 trade management GUI


Trade management panel dashboard manager mt4 robot trade panel EA forex trade manager


This is a complete trade management panel for MT4 platform, Features of this panel Include:

  • Select Fixed lot or risk based lots.
  • Select Magic number of trades to enter or manage.
  • Stoploss and Takeprofit in Points.
  • Trailing Stop with trailing gap and trailing value.
  • Net take profit (in case you have 2 or more trades then net pips TP is awesome to have)
  • Order distance for pending orders.
  • Close current symbol trades.
  • Switch to different time frame or symbol.
  • Account operations include:
    1. Equity trailing (based on highest equity achieved)
    2. Balance based Take profit
    3. Close All trades
    4. Close Loss / Profit / Long or Short trades.

It can include any option you want , Just Contact US with your requirements and we can give you your custom trade management panel for mt4. If you just need these go ahead BUY !

Why use trade management GUI Panel?

Here’s a scenario, Suppose you are a regular forex trader who trades on more than 2 currencies, you have opened 10 trades 3 on EURUSD, 4 on USDCHF and 3 USDJPY pairs. You have thought of closing these trades when EURUSD trades reach 2% profit, USDCHF trades losses 30% of profits and USDJPY trades when net profit is 100 pips on trades.

You have 2 options to handle this :

  1. Use trade manager panel for mt4
  2. Manually look at trades and close them.

I think you will prefer option number 1 since trade management panel GUI for MT4 will give you no hard work and do the work you need automatically !

Order Now and get Exclusive benefits of being early customer !

Contact US if you need anything customized based on your needs in this product or some other for mt4 !


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