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Code MT4 robot | MT4 programming service | MT4 Coding

MT4 coding robots | Experienced MT4 programming service

Our MT4 Programming Skill Ratings
Code Forex robots 95%
Forex Dashboard programming 90%
Code Forex Trade Manager 99%

What are forex trading robots?

Forex robots is a term used for automated trade execution for forex trading, the process is to Buy or sell a currency automatically based on certain conditions specified in the code mt4 robot. Forex robots are also called expert advisors (EA). It’s the same to say we code mt4 robots or we code mt4 EA.

The components are explained on the page below. Select your components and get awesome 20% discount offer now!


Features of MT4 Programming Service

What is code forex robots?

Forex robots is a term used for automated trade execution for forex trading, the process is to Buy or sell a currency automatically based on certain conditions specified in the code of a forex robot. Forex robots are also called expert advisors (EA) and we will be coding mt4 programs for you.

The benefit of using a robot in place of manual trading is that a robot will not miss a trade when you are not looking at the screen, an EA has no emotions so it will do whatever you tell them to do in every market condition.

What is MT4 Programming service?

MT4 programming is done to develop a forex robot that can trade automatically based on your custom forex trading strategy. MQL4 is the programming language used in the code mt4 robot. For making a mt4 robot you need to have a strategy for example you want trade to be entered when Exponential Moving average(5) crosses EMA(10) upwards and candle is closed then enter a buy trade.

Tthis is an example of mt4 EA entry condition. Similarly exit conditions and special trade conditions like breakeven after 10 (X) pips of profit , Trailing stop, Risk management , virtual take profit and stop loss , entry after certain time (10 am) etc etc. You can request your MT4 programming via form above.

Request mt4 programming of robot/EA:
Note: This is a mt4 coding service and we need a forex trading strategy from you. It is good if you can show a Buy/Sell trade entry and close example on chart so that we understand your mt4 coding needs !

A forex robot / Forex EA can have different functions like :

  • Custom indicator Condition
  • Multiple time frame analysis
  • Trailing Stop loss, Take profit
  • Risk Management Strategies.
  • Mathematical conditions / Formulas
  • Trend line based strategies
  • Break even
  • Alert messages
  • Push notifications
  • Expiry date 
  • Account lock

Send us your Forex trading strategy with the Form above with screenshot of when to buy and sell and we will make your product.

Forex ready made products:

We have made mt4 products that are ready to help you in your trading for better decision making. We have many functioning products ranging from indicators, dashboards, trade managers and expert advisors for Metatrader 4 platform. A simple overview of products are given below.

Forex MT4 Dashboards coding:

Forex trading dashboards are used when you want to analyze large number of forex pairs and time frame at a single screen. Lets suppose you have a strategy that uses 4 indicators to check if it should be bought or sold at a time and without a dashboard you will have to open 28 forex pairs each with 5 time frames as different charts and switch between them to see if you should enter a trade or not.

This process is complex and human errors can occur. What if all the forex pairs are analyzed on a single chart with any time frame you select to analyze, this is a much better and efficient way to analyze the market. A screenshot of a forex dashboard we have developed is shown below. You can request your MT4 Coding in the form above and make a custom order !

Forex robot forex EA metatrader robot mt4 Dashboard
MT4 programming sample

As you can see above a dashboard will give you overview of entire market based on your strategy, Our dashboard comes with a Currency strength meter as a bonus. Currency strength meter can be used to see which currencies are strong and which ones are weak in current market.

Order your Own customized mt4 robot Now !

Features of MT4 dashboard:

  1. Select any pair you want.
  2. Select your desired time frames.
  3. Customize your trading strategy.
  4. Arrows showing current condition on a pair and time frame.
  5. Buy/ Sell/ Wait buttons. (Buy/Sell buttons are shown when all selected time frames are in buy or sell at same time) (customizable : request to always show buy/sell buttons).
  6. Total number of orders opened through dashboards (Sky blue color digits).
  7. Currency strength meter.
  8. Closing of all loss trades.
  9. Closing of all Profit making trades.
  10. Customizable Lot size , Stop loss and take profit.

You can buy our ready made dashboards or give us your Buy/Sell conditions and we will develop a dashboard for your strategy. Visit Our Store and buy your dashboard It’s 50% off right now or Request a custom MT4 dashboard programming via the Form above.

Forex MT4 trade management panel coding:

What if you enter a manual trade and want trailing stop on that trade or calculate lot size based on certain risk percentage? The answer is Use a MT4 Trade manager !

Let’s first have a look at what a full trade manager looks like .

MT4 coding for forex robot | mt4 programming service
MT4 coding for forex robot

A trade manager will take care of your trades automatically so that you can sit and relax without hectic work of viewing screen as long as trade is open. It can take care of many things including:

  1. Risk based Lots/ Fixed lot entry
  2. Magic number selection (insert a magic number of any MT4 EA in this field and it will manage that trade)
  3. Trailing stop
  4. Net points Take profit (If you have more than 1 trade and want to close every trade once total profit has reached 10 (X) pips)
  5. Option to Put Pending orders(Buy/Sell limit or Buy/Sell stop).
  6. Market Buy/ Sell order entry.
  7. Whole account operations including:
  8. Equity trailing : Suppose your balance is 1000$ and you set equity trailing to 10% this means 100$ risk and if your balance grows to 1100$ then the Trade manager will use this highest balance and trail based on balance so it will close trade when 10% of equity is lost from highest equity achieved. In this case 10% of 1100$ is 110$ so trades will be closed if balance drops below 1100-110 = 990 $ saving your equity and balance at same time !
  9. Balance Take profit: You can set your desired profit when all trades on account should be closed. If you set it to 100$ then on hundred dollars profit all trades will be closed.
  10. Stich between charts and time frames by clicking buttons at bottom.
  11. Buttons to:
  12. Close all trades.
  13. Close profit trades.
  14. Close loss trades.
  15. Close Buy trades.
  16. Close Sell trades.
  17. Optional : Add profit Lock , after 5% of profit on account the tarde manager should lock 50% of profit. Example : On 1000$ account we enter want to lock profit if we make 5% i.e 50$ so if 50% profit is reached on account 50% of that profit (25$) is locked that means if balance goes below 1025$ then all trades will be closed.

This is a fully equipped MT4 trade management panel , you can request changes or upgrades with your own ideas in this product too. We also have minimalist trade manager for essential trade management tasks that everyone requires, let’s have a look at that below while placing your mt4 programming order in form above !

trade manager robot mt4 trade management panel mt4 robot programming
mt4 robot development service (Trade manager)

The possibilities with code MT4 robot programming is endless and we have the experience and competence to turn your ideas into reality. Request Mt4 coding and programming service quote or make an order now to get 20% off on custom requests.