Ranker indicator for MT4

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Ranker Indicator for MT4 forex trading


Ranker indicator for mt4

Rank the currency you want to trade and help yourself make a decision at right time. What do you think is the best entry price in forex trading ? When rank is at lowest or highest and waiting for trend reversal or continuation to enter at BEST Price!!

Mathematical term rank is used to describe the importance of a matrix, Similarly here rank will tell you the importance of forex trading pairs as they move. Last candle importance is highlighted by value of rank at that time.
So optimize your MT4 trading to best and next gen indicators!

Here’s how you can use it:

Find 3 or 4 symbols you want to tarde with this indicator for mt4. Rank them and see which one is better and time the entries at levels you are comfortable with. For example, If you see that trend is down then wait for it to rank higher and then wait for it to go down and enter whenever you find the best forex entries.


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