MT4 Trade management panel with Grid options- Trade manager

Best Mt4 trade management panel for live market forex trading and managing trades on metatrader 4. Grid and pending orders options availible.

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Trade management panel with Grid options

Advance Trade management Panel for MT4 metatrader


Trade panel Moveable grid martingale manager EA robot graphical mt4 robot


This is advanced moveable trade management Panel for metatrader 4 (MT4).  It has 3 Tabs for different settings.

Our trade management panel also called trade manager in mt4 community Features include:

  • General features of Trade manager mt4:
    1. Shows the symbol spread in top left corner.
    2. Shows number of orders opened on current symbol.
    3. Display current Profit or loss in forex trading for current symbol.
  • TRADE tab:
    1. Buy/ Sell / Pending Orders on mt4.
    2. Stop Loss configuration for orders.
    3. Currency based Stop loss or points based stoploss.
  • GRID tab:
    1. Set Initial Lot size.
    2. Number of Limit orders to place.
    3. Distance between orders.
    4. Moving average value for Order directions.
    5. Selection of Grid Lots.
  • CLOSE Tab:
    1. Close on Net Profit or loss as Dollar or Percentage.
    2. Close all positions at Moving average touch.
    3. Immediately close All market or pending orders.

Following Picture shows the tabs and options in them .
Forex EA robot mt4 robot mt4 EA coding

First part Has GRID tab activated, Second has CLOSE tab activated and last part has TRADE tab activated .

This is full fledged efficient trade manager that is both moveable and light weight on metatrader 4 platform. Forex trading is not difficult but this trade manager helps you in making most out of your time. Suppose you are a regular tarder and like to diversify your risks, Calculating manually lot sizes, profits or losses in current symbol only is hectic right? Here’s a scenario:

You have 10 tardes open 3 in EURUSD, 4 in GBPUSD and 3 in USDJPY. Your analysis is that EURUSD should be closed in 2% profit and GBPUSD should be left running while USDJPY needs to be closed at Moving average touch. What would you rather do? 1. Leave this trade manager on symbol charts 2. Continuously check each symbol trades manually all day?

I guess the answer should be 1. that is, use this trade manager.

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