Equity Guard equity trailing EA robot for mt4

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Guard your forex trading equity from loss using mt4 Equity guard robot. Control your trades using your conditions on mt4 forex equity.

Account Equity Guard / Equity trailing forex EA mt4

Equity monitoring EA equity manager EA forex robbot mt4 equity manager


This robot for mt4 will preserve your trading capital . It is based on equity and not on profit.

It monitors the equity of account and keeps track of highest equity achieved, then according to your input settings close all trades when X % of loss happens on highest equity !

You will have following options in the input of Robot :

Equity saver equity guard EA forex trading EA mt4 EA

  • Turn on/off maximum equity to close trades
  • Turn on/off minimum equity to close trades
  • Options to select closing of trades.
    1. All market orders.
    2. All pending orders.
  • Option to disable All EA’s when target or draw down is reached !
  • Option to close on percentage drawdown and what type of orders to close.
  • Sound alerts
  • Email Alerts

This would be your capital protector for metatrader as a whole package !

How does it work?

Suppose you have 15 trades running in an account and you are making 1000 $ profit on 10000 $ account so that would be 10% , You wanna secure your equity when you lose 30% of profits from the highest profit achieved in running trades.

Now if your profit goes upto 1500$ if you set equity trailing to 30% then trades will close when your trades go down to 1050 $ i.e 30% of highest equity reached has been lost so the EA will close all the trades to secure profits.

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