Divergence trading robot divergence EA for MT4

Trade forex divergence with RSI, RVI, MACD and many more using forex divergence trading EA. This MT4 divergence robot has many indicators.

*2$ is minimum since we would work for your license generation

Divergence trading robot for metatrader 4

Divergence EA for mt4
Multi Indicator divergence trading EA


Hi Everyone !

This forex mt4 robot is capable of trading hidden and regular divergence of any indicator of your choice from regular mt4 indicators. You can select the base indicator from settings of EA and set the settings for that indicator and the EA will put long and short trades based on divergence settings that you specify !

The input screen is shown below :

Divergence trader EA forex mt4 divergence EA divergence robot


As you can see you have following options in the  MT4 divergence trading robot :

  • Select months to trade
  • Select days (Mon-Sun) to trade
  • Select trading hours
  • many Stoploss methods :
    1. Fixed Stoploss
    2. SL on candle High/Low
    3. SL on Largest candle among divergence candles
    4. SL On Smallest candle between Divergence candles.
  • Similarly take profit options.
  • Risk Management
    1. Fixed lots
    2. Variable risk based lots
  • Breakeven
  • Trailing Stop
    1. With trailing Gap (Or trailing Wait)
  • Ability to Put Market orders or Pending orders.
  • Minimum/Maximum candles for divergence to be identified.
  • Trade on Full Divergence/  W or M Chart patterns
  • And Indicator settings !

So this is the whole complete package for metatrader 4 divergence trading EA .
Order Now to start trading divergence on mt4 automatically !


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