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Deep analyzer Indicator for MT4

Deep analyzer Indicator for MT4

*2$ is minimum since we would work for your license generation

Deep Analyzer Indicator for MT4


This indicator analyzes multiple indicators of your choice and does complex calculations on indicator of your choice and can be used for scalping and trend methods of trading. Following indicators can be used for deeply analyzing any indicator.

  • Moving averages
  • MACD
  • RSI
  • Demarker
  • RSI
  • and many more.

As you can guess from the product picture above, when green line is above yellow it is a SELL and vice versa for BUY.
Can you also see how it comes near each other even if it is a buy or sell?
It shows the market is going into consolidation and you should be ready for exit or even use both lines difference value as exit awesome isn’t it?

More over, It doesn’t repaint and you have option to select any settings for indicator.


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